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Monday, July 4, 2011

Why do i start writing?


Why? People have their own reasons for their writings. What are my reasons?

- to utilize my leisure time especially during holidays. Leisure ke? Amat leisure :P (if u notice i only write masa cuti hee ;))

- as some sort of diary. Why am i choosing the public as readers? So that when i write, i tak syok sendiri :P. If i write something incorrect, i'll be corrected :). When i write about my dreams, i will be able to keep up with the progress. If i do something, i will be able to see either i ni buat tak apa yang i cakap. History should teach us to be a better person from time to time.

- as an update for long lost friends, in case if they found this blog. rindu sama kawan lama!

- to speak the unspeakable.

- to express better.

- to spread good words. (actually i have been longing to have my own ilmiah blog, namun belum kesampaian, dalam perancangan harapnya)

- to practice expressing things properly. It needs practice u know. Baby lahir takkan terus tahu macam mana nak say thank you and sorry kan3? Contoh je la tu...

- to know the power of writing . How? We'll see.

- to share common interest with others especially in business. To those who are interested to have joint venture togede gede or nak ajak i biz partner ke, boleh diskusi ya :D

- for growth. tumbesaran apa? Body? tak payah, itu dah cukup, melebih-lebih dah pun ='=. Nak cek maturity. If we notice, we can see someone's maturity based on their writing right? I think i can.

- for memories :)

Thats all, good night cinta. Tata :) (tq for following :)).


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