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Tidaklah berjaya orang yang suka menuding jari dan mencari silap orang lain sebelum diri sendiri~

Sunday, January 30, 2011

tgk gitu aje~

From our fourth prime minister, Tun Mahathir Mohamad, he once said, "i do not take things at surface value. I think and understand deeper, then i decide."

And that is something that not many people do nowadays.
Sometimes i wonder, y somebody take things for granted? I've been thinking y this n that happen? coz every single thing must happen for a reason.

I've once saw a a trio of friends went to the cafe. i heard their conversation when they were about to look around for lauk pauk. One of them suddenly said, " eh nasi ni bau pelikla. Bau macam basi." i was like, is it true??? coz i pun nak ambik nasi jgk time tu...huuuu. BUT, d thing that made me feel weird was, the other 2 members in the trio didnt even look at the nasi, they simply walked out of the cafe. And i checked the nasi, macam ok je? Awat habaq basi plak kan??? (mmg x basi pun actually, i makan x kena diarrhoea pun >.<)

The thing is bukan nak cakap pasal nasi basi ke x, hehe. But the attitude of just accepting what people say without thinking and checking it first. Well, logically, apa salahnya jenguk dulu dalam bekas tu tgk btul2 nasi tu ok ke x??? Sometimes, its true, it does not cause massive problems, but what if d thing involve people's lives and hearts. Parah2. Having bad perception for things or even ppl who r actually good. Bukan fitnah ke namanya? (correct me if im wrong).

hurmmm...the world becomes scarier. senang2 je zaman sekarang to lie and ppl willl believe it easily if u have d influence n power. kinda scary right? So moral of the story (macam cite zaman budak2 plak :P), u dont judge things from surface value only (bak kata Tun). Just make sure u know what u r talking. Make sure u have d facts. Coz if it involves hati dan perasaan dan controversial thing, people will remember what u say. Every word that comes out of ur lips (cewah, lipss haha) is an amanah :). You are responsible for it. If u say something ikut suka ati je, u will bear d kesalahan if orang percaya with what u said n happen to have wrong perceptions.

p/s: telinga yang mendengar lebih dekat daripada orang lain. Penulis turut mengingatkan diri sendiri.