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Tidaklah berjaya orang yang suka menuding jari dan mencari silap orang lain sebelum diri sendiri~

Saturday, April 28, 2012



Been ages. I know it is clearly noticed that most of the time i wrote here was when there was something stuck in my head which i couldnt get rid of it. I tend to write something that I cant find d solution by myself. Actually these few days i have been wandering around looking for some answer. I talked to the adults, a teacher and some friends to find the answer. But all I get was the act of defending, not together sitting and trying to find the solution for everybody. I guess the world is just not right to be soft, understanding and forgiving.

Thought that forgiving somebody and be open about things that u dont like is the best thing to find a solution for all your Muslim brothers as well as the non-Muslims. For my part, been very hard not to point fingers to anybody and blame the world for every dissatisfaction. Its not an easy thing to do. To forgive somebody is not easy but it is doable when u think of them as your saudara seagama. But Im kinda sad when being in a religious field does not make one a noble person. I dont know what is wrong with politics until the moral values of being in peace with saudara seagama kamu is not practiced anymore. They are all the same. Matlamat menghalalkan cara. Thats what I got from my experience of talking to them. Them of course refers to opposition side. I admit that I am more to the government side. Bukan kerana saya menghalalkan apa saja keburukan yang ada pada mereka, tapi kerana saya menghargai apa saja yang saya dapat semenjak kecil hingga dewasa. There are bad things on everybody. Dont give lame excuses that nothing is wrong. Either it is pembangkang or kerajaan, both have weakness and good points. Dont talk as if the party that u take sides on is the perfect one.

Takutnya to say that, Oh saya betul sebab this and that. Oh orang tu salah, orang tu kejam sebab this and that. But in a discussion, that fear of feeling perfect from the one that I talked to was never there. Basically Im talking about politics, not on other things. Takut, risau untuk defend the party that im siding on. Why? Because there is no perfect thing in this world. Itu hakikatnya.Well it is easy, very easy untuk menuding jari bila berbicara. Saya betul , u salah sebab ini and ini. Senang giler nak cakap macam tu. But is it the right thing to do? I tend to be sensitive when people point fingers and talk bad about spesific somebody. You insult someone, u get sins. Cakap something behind his back, and dia tak suka bila dengar, then u are considered as mengumpat. Right? I have no problems when it is the ideology that becomes the topic of debate. But I have such rage and hate when tiba2 u talk shit about the personal of somebody. Peribadi and such things yang tak ada kena mengena dengan ideologi that they bring.

Wont u feel hurt when someone say, kau ni gila la! Dahla jahat, tak tutup aurat, aku meluat dengan kau! Sakit tak if orang cakap macam tu dekat u? Where is ur manner saudara Islam, saudara seagama sekalian? Mana akhlak pendakwah yang kamu agungkan itu? Mana kata2 hikmah yang kamu ceramahkan itu? Mana ilmu yang kamu tuntut itu? Seriously sad. Pabila terfikir, oh, saudara seagama aku tak sayangkan aku hanya kerana politik? Sesungguhnya hidayah itu hak Allah yang mutlak... Siapa kita untuk menentukan segalanya?

p/s: Be nice to the world, even if the world is cruel to you. Paling tidak, kamu melakukan bahagian kamu dengan akhlak yang baik dan terpuji. Allah tidak akan benarkan bumi Malaysia jatuh ke tangan orang yang mempermainkan agamanya. Allah itu Maha Berkuasa dan adil, tidakkah kamu percaya?