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Tidaklah berjaya orang yang suka menuding jari dan mencari silap orang lain sebelum diri sendiri~

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Praise be to Allah for the aql and ability to think and ponder.

Now and before is not the same anymore. No one can deny that. People changed, the world is changing and thinking is not an easy process anymore. What are things that do not change? Islam...Ajal...Qiamah...and Allah's promises.

And everything that we do including thinking, should be based on that. If not, we will be astray.

Why should we bother about others if we are doing the right thing only for Allah? We bother about them if we want to be amar makruf nahi munkar. Even if u want that, please, please, please, dont insult,dont... Membuat kebaikan tidak boleh disertakan dengan kemungkaran. Islam says that (betul x?). So please follow.

I found a statement from someone, he said that,

GWM cukup malu melihat keletah mahasiswa yang langsung tidak membuat groundwork dan homework mengenai politik sebelum bercakap dan mengikut. Belajar hingga ke menara gading, namun cetek ilmu di dada ... otak ada, akai tadak!

Many of us mahasiswa mahasiswi are so passionate when politics become the highlight of discussion. But, have we done the homework and groundwork? macam nak pilih tjk EAP or kajian la, sebelum pilih and buat, research dulu right? Dialog kat atas nmpak kasar, tapi mengena haha.

Just make sure that we follow the religion, not the party. Only the creation of Allah is perfect, the true addin. Not the human's.

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