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Thursday, August 25, 2011

what are muscles of your thorax region?


It is 2.05am. Just a simple revision. Actually i read on thorax few days ago. Im trying to recall, either i will be able to fully remember them or not. Been wanting to write up on them yesterday, but other things came up.

So, here is the highlight.

There were 17 muscles which i memorized on that day. Will it still be 17? Hehe..it will, if i still remember.

1. Trapezius

2. Deltoid

3. Omohyoid, Sternothyroid, Sternohyoid

4. Pectoralis major

5. Serratus anterior

6. External oblique

7. Pectoralis minor

8. Internal oblique

9. External intercostal muscles

10. Internal intercostal muscles

11. err something..something abdominis

12. err something thoracis..should be the same initial like no11

13. Levaton something err (adeh surely start with 'L' but..forgot)

14. ?

15. ?

16. ?

17. Was it really 17??? or maybe it was just 10? Hehe... Writing while imagining the position of those muscles. It is true that if new info is not revised or repeated in 24 hours, most likely it will vanish.

We learn anatomy during first block. Almost a year since then. How much will we remember if we dont revise? i think, almost nothing :P

quote of the day:

better late than never hiyaarrghh! reduce distractions, focus on your priorities.

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