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Thursday, August 18, 2011

A new beginning everyday


Sometimes, life is challenging. We will not get all things that we want at all times. And sometimes, we are scared of certain things. Since i was in primary school, i always dreamt of what im going to be in the future. When i was small, i imagined many great and extraordinary dreams to be achieved. They even sounded nonsense to some people, but to me, they were my dreams that the little me believed were possible. At that time, i didn't realise that the reality of life is not always about our dreams. It also includes others' dreams. People around us. It is not always about me. Life has karma. What goes around comes around. Life has to be lived on the path of Allah, the one and only creator. At this moment, i believed that life is not all about hard work. It is hard work plus prayers plus tawakal. Then the dreams are possible for my reach, with His permission of course. In my study, im not chasing after ranking or names anymore. In my study, im just trying to do my best and at the same time, trying to equipped myself with skills to further live as an adult. It has to be balanced. Im not only a student, im an adult. I need to do what adults do. At least, i need to try.

At this time, at the moment, im trying to make my life better. I dont mind what people will say about me because we cant please everyone, we cant tell everyone to agree with us all the time. There will always be people who are unpleasant with us for some reasons. Maybe it is our own fault, who knows?

A new beginning everyday. Dont be scared of the future. And dont avoid problems. Im learning that i must face things that im scared of rather than avoiding it. Even though u dont like it, u have to. I want to face them. I want to be a better person. I want to change problems to opportunities. I want both the world and the akhirat in my hands. Ya Rabb, please grant me the happiness and wealth in this world and the hereafter. Please give me time to serve both of my parents and help those who are needy. Ameen.

Mood: sentimental :P

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