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Sunday, August 28, 2011

Jom kurus! :P


Getting into an exercise can sometimes be an intimidating notion right? Especially for those who have been inactive for a long time. Enough with telling yourself that u will get into a fitness program next year. Meh start sekarang! Better late than never.

What do u have to do to be fit?

1. Commit yourself.

Sit down and develop your own routine. The most important part is to stick with it!

2. Set goals.

How many pounds that have to be reduced??? Calculate and suit it with the amount of hours that u want to spend for exercises.

3. Adapt with new attitude.

If you think that you are too late for a change, pls rethink! Better late than never okay? It is normal that first step can be extremely difficult.

4. Don't overdo it.

Know your capabilities. Beginners should not act like pros yea.

5. Be efficient

It is okay to spend as little time as 10min for a routine as long as you break a sweat. 1 hour spent for jogging is useless if you are not serious and keep stopping while chatting with friends.

6. Start a schedule.

Dont want to comment on this, you already know it.

7.Make it easy.

Exercise should be compatible with your daily routines. Dont make it too hard but dont take it very easy.

8.Be adventerous

Sometimes new outdoor activities while socializing with friends can be much better than skipping in front of television alone.

9. Do it at home.

Exercise does not mean outdoor. Remember that, you dont have to show to other people that you are actually in the process of reducing your weight :P Make it as home friendly as you can. Prepare your own exercise spot at home!

10. Get yourself an exercise buddy.

This one, it can help but if there isnt any of your buddy is available to spend time exercising with you, just chill. Continue by your own. Keep the spirit high and continue burning the calories! :)

A self reminder.

my quote of the day:
Control yourself! If you can control your desire and unnecessary habits, then you are a winner ;)

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