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Thursday, November 17, 2011

pre block prep

Physiology, first block, first year 2010.

Mind u, this entry would be very academical. I'm lazy to write on a piece of paper as i'm afraid that i might lose it. So, next block, block 2 second year 2011, will learn on GIT and hepatobiliary. So far, i've looked through the first year notes which are related to the not-so-long coming lectures. There are a few which directly point to the topics.

1)Gastrointestinal system

- functions of mouth and oesophagus
- what is git?
- what is digestion?
- organization of the system
- walls of git (more to histo)
- innervation of git (extrinsic, intrinsic)
- git hormones
- salivary glands (the conrol of secretion, physical properties, functions, all on saliva)
- the oesophagus

- d famous question mechanism of deglutition (swallowing), got 3 of them, buccal, pharnygeal, oesophagal

- the control of deglutition, got diagram

- clinical implication

2)Functions of the stomach

what is it?
structure (like histo as well)
gastric juice HCL

d famous amous ques, mechanism of HCL secretion, got 2 complex diagrams

gastrin (the hormones to stimulate the secretion of gastric acid)

more on gastrin, the control of secretion (3 phases- cephalic, gastric, intestinal)

gastric emptying, the control (mechanism again, got 5 steps)

vomiting (lagi mechanism)

3)Functions of stomach

last but not least, clinical implications (famous - gastritis, peptic ulcer)

Functions of hepatobiliary system and pancreas
what is pancreas? (quite an explanation n got picture)

pancreatic juice (chem properties, functions, control - MECHANISM again! this one a lot.)

d famous CCK-PZ

liver n biliary system

bile (contents and guess what, the regulation for bile secretion - more and more mechanisms!)


Then we have renal physiology, but not included in d next block right?

time for effective comprehension and memorization!

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