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Tidaklah berjaya orang yang suka menuding jari dan mencari silap orang lain sebelum diri sendiri~

Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Simple, true is true and false is false.


There are many things happening nowadays. Many issues, many versions, many thoughts and many more. Some are right and some are wrong. What should i do then?

Alhamdulillah, I've lived for 21 years and 3 months. For plus minus 19 years, i live here. This is my hometown. The place where everything seems to be seen as 'righteous' :) I dont care what the outsiders say. They are not from here, they dont live here, they only see from far away. Why should i care? They can say anything, but they dont go through it. So i believe what i believe. Experiences teaches me to decide. It taught me to see people in different perspective. I see, i hear, I feel. It is not the talks of an outsider that decides what i believe. It is not my parents who decides what i believe. It is what i observe for more than a decade.

You have to go through it, then u know what is right or wrong. You dont talk without prove. You dont talk based on papers. You dont admit that u do it if u actually dont.

From far, we wont see things clearly. From far, good things can be fake. But how would we know? Based on what people say? Nope. Observe and feel it, then u know.

Human is human. No one escapes from sin and mistakes except Rasulullah saw. NO ONE. We should realize that aren't we? And what should we do? We dont condemn, we dont insult, we dont say that they are kafir, we dont say that they are going to hell. Instead we correct them in a good way. Hari ini kamu mungkin di atas, namun esok lusa siapa tahu? Hari ini mereka mungkin muslim tp bukan mukmin, namun esok lusa muslimkah kamu, mukminkah kamu? Who are we to decide?

Bad things CANNOT be corrected by bad words. Lumrah. Agama, agama, agama. Kita mengaku Islam, orang lain bukan Islamkah? Mudahnya menjatuhkan hukum. Jasa tetap jasa, jangan kita lupa. Agama tetap agama, jangan sekali jadikan dusta.

Aku hormat orang beragama,
Aku hormat orang yang berjasa,
Aku hormat orang yang berjaya,
Aku lebih hormat orang yang BERJAYA MEMBUATKAN ORANG BERAGAMA.

Berfikir itu bermacam cara,
Berfikir itu ada pantang larangnya,
Berfikir itu untuk berjaya,
Berfikir itu bukan untuk membinasa.

Orang menegah bukan sengaja,
Orang menegah bukan sentiasa,
Orang menegah ada sebabnya,
Adakah kita yang telah terlupa?

Setan iblis menjadi bahasa,
Hina terkutuk menjadi bicara,
Bodoh bangang menjadi cara,
Adakah itu dituntut agama???

Bukan sengaja mahu berbicara, namun hati dalam dilema.


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