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Friday, June 17, 2011

Assalamualaikum. Its holiday!

blog dah ada habuk 2 3 inci.

Cleaning process begins now.

sapuan pertama:

what to do for d whole 3 months holiday? (i've never dream to get this such LONG bangat holiday) I mean like NEVER. normally 2 or 3 weeks is the longest. macam pathetic kan ='=

list to do for holidays:

1) sleep like a princess who has nothing to do except being waken up by her prince. (pls tell me that its not hyperbolic)

2) study like CRAZY to revise everything for d hectic lost first year in medical school. (i believe i will, insyaAllah)

3) learn how to cook. (dont worry, im not going to be married any sooner) betul ke english i ni?mcm pelik ajo.xpe, broken, dr samsul ckp, medical students should just talk talk n talk, u r not in medical school to learn english. tq dr, point taken :D haha.

4) master all games :)

5) do house chores everyday, want to be a helpful and ringan tulang daughter during holiday, Allah pls help me.

6) try to lose weight. (why is it the last in the list? tell me. haha)

sapuan kedua:

FIRST YEAR OF MEDICAL SCHOOL HAS ENDED. Alhamdulillah, and yeay me! :) and us (refers to my batch, Zenith14 ;) ) congrates tu all. u guys had been working so hard and did a very great job. The effort shown was remarkable. Its barely tercungap2 (x tau word tu in english, cant think of it right now) to catch up with u guys, the extraordinary students yg amat rajin especially those distinction holders. mereka amat awesome, n i believe hard work, rezeki and doa from Him makes everything possible :) i want to be like them. YES, I DO.

For those who didnt make it through the first year, i believe that Allah has set the best for u. Just believe in Him, u all will be just fine ( bak kata dr jamal) ;)

sapuan ketiga:

x boleh tulis banyak2, nanti xde idea nak update blog tiap2 hari untuk cuti 3 bulan ni haha. tq.

want to complete aim no 4 in sapuan pertama. wish me luck! (patut ke? haha)

good night.

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