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Tidaklah berjaya orang yang suka menuding jari dan mencari silap orang lain sebelum diri sendiri~

Sunday, June 26, 2011


Health determinants.

Lecturer : Assoc Prof Dr Seikh Farid Uddin Akter
Subject : Epidemiology, first year block 4

Tonight, alhamdulillah i managed to revise a lil bit on Epid. Why Epid? Because that is the only subject which the notes are accessible and not in the box :P

Nevertheless, it was okay. I tried to concentrate and had better understanding on the topic. Yeah, it seems easy. Indeed, it is actually. But sometimes, i underestimated certain topics which i thought as common sense and could be spontaneously answered in exams. They are easy but y did i get d answer wrong in the exam? Sebab x concern n hafal semata huh. Seems like i really dont care ='=. Not purposely done, but sometimes, cant avoid myself from skipping certain words and lines which costs me free marks deduction especially in MCQ. Rugi kan?


saya faham:

It is defined as factors that influence the health of an individual either internally or externally. Means things that cause u to be healthy or sick, either the cause is from yourself or ur surrounding.

Internal Factors:

1. Heredity

2. Lifestyle

3. Socio-economic

External factors:

1. Environment

2. Health and other services

Yup it is true. There are only five. But if suddenly got blank in exam, even one can be impossible to remember kan.

Sesungguhnya, segala ilham itu dari Allah, dan kepadaNya Aku bermohon. Amin.

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