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Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Preclinical success!

If u ask medical students of IIUM, what makes them worry during preclinical years? Their answer will preferrably include SEMINAR! As for me, it was over, and praise be to Allah, it was superb and i loved every single moment of the journey and presentation ! :) Thanks lovely seminar mates, I could not have done it without u all. History of Surgery, the title of the seminar. Even though the title is on history, but please, do not worry, because we wont be presenting all on history... hehe that was the unforgettable lines of my part during d introduction of d team :D Here's a piece for me to remember, for u to enjoy!

Link to our Seminar Video:


Ending Video of Seminar on "History of Surgery' by 2nd Year MBBS students of IIUM Kuantan: Irfan, Amirah, Nurul Ain & Farah.

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