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Tuesday, January 31, 2012



Been almost a week bercuti, baru nak post holidays! as if baru start cuti semalam :P

3 days final exam which started on 23rd onwards was totally over. I dont even wanna bring that up again coz i wasnt as excellent as i expected it to be. But nevertheless, I really hope the result would relieve me. And not to forget, yes, it was when everyone else was enjoying d CNY, we all bersengkang mata for exams and bersusah cari kedai untuk makan. Of cos la kan, UIA amat bagus buat exam time cuti umum like that grrrrr!

Thing to do for holidays!

1) movie marathon (memang jalan pun big smileee! )

2) 5 physio lectures ehem x berapa nak jalan

3) 4 anat lectures ehem going to do it

4) assignment read up haruslah, ini amanah orang

5) just enjoy life being with mom,dad n bro. Ah heaven!

QOD: officially ended it. IM A FREE BIRD! World waits for me!

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